Our Services

Sitech Engineering Limited has continued for the past two decades to be a successful contractor of large infrastructure projects with sensitive Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering related component and a recognized leader in the Field of Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering applications, Deep Foundation Works, Bridges and Bridge related Engineering Works, Soil Remediation, Large Excavations, Hydro–Structures and in the Design and Development of construction Methodologies and Technologies our core services are enumerated below;

  • Geotechnical and Foundation Investigation for buildings, bridges, dams, tunnels, dykes, et al (soft Boring, rock coring, SPT, CPT, etc)
  • Soil Laboratory Services (tests like Moisture Content , Specific Gravity, Atterbergs Limit Test, sieves analysis, compaction, Triaxial Compression, Shear Box Machine, Consolidation, Chemical tests, Rock tests, Water analysis, etc)
  • Pavement Evaluation and Design
  • Route Soil and Material survey for new roads
  • Pile Foundations (Micro piles and Piling of various diameter of 300mm up to 900mm)
  • In-situ Testing (field density tests, field CBR test, Plate load and Pile load tests, Permeability tests in soil and Packer testing)
  • Ground Improvement and Grouting
  • Material and Quality Control Testing (tests on aggregates, concrete, Asphalt, cement, bitumen, steel reinforcement, etc)
  • Mineral Survey and Exploration
  • Geological and Geophysical Survey
  • Structural Testing (destructive and NDT testing on structural members)
  • Reclamation of Land
  • Water Studies and Boreholes Services:
  • Geotechnical Training Services for Personnel
  • Supply of Laboratory and Drilling Equipment with their Accessories

Geotechnical and Foundation Investigation

1. Goetechnical

We undertake soils and foundation investigation and studies for bridge sites, dams, building construction as well as others structures according to needs and requirements. Our soil Engineers and Scientist prepare reports for various uses. Various tests like Standard Penetration Tests (SPT), Cone Penetration Tests (CPT), Investigative boring for subsurface material characteristics, Probing into various strata formation, Core drilling by rotary methods through hard strata, from the bottom of an exploration hole with core recovery, Excavation of unsupported trial pits or trenches, to recover bulk disturbed samples. Special sampling technique specifically for undisturbed sampling, with U-tube sampler, Shelby tubes, split spoon sampling.

Laboratory Testing

2. Lab Services

Sitech Engineering Limited associated soils and materials laboratory is available with suitable and up to date equipments for carrying out basic testing requirements together with experience engineering and technical Staff. We also have required capacity for chemical and water analysis testing of soils for shallow and deep foundations. The various tests are carried out in accordance to relevant Standards. Various laboratory tests on soil like Moisture Content , Specific gravity, Atterbergs Limit Test, sieves analysis, compaction, Triaxial Compression, Shear Box test, consolidation, chemical tests such as sulphate, carbonate and chloride content, pH; Rock tests like uniaxial, sonic velocity, point load index, young modulus determination, slake durability,; and detail water quality analysis,

Water Studies and Boreholes Services


We undertake studies of groundwater and boreholes drilling. With state of heart equipments to drilled through overburden and into the basement rock up to 150m below the ground level with diameter of the well of 100mm, 150mm or 200mm, pump testing for aquifer yield and pump installation.

In-situ Testing

7. In situ testing

We carry out various field tests like density test by sand replacement method, field CBR, pile integrity tests, plate loading test, field permeability tests in soil and packer testing in rocks.

Structural Test

8. Structural Test

We undertake in-situ deflection tests on all slabs, beams and other structures on building and bridges as well as determine the structural integrity tests of an existing structure. These tests are conducted in the range of destructive and non-destructive testing

Geological and Geophysical Survey

10. Geophysical Survey

We are in to geological survey for mapping an entire site location showing the various geological and geographical features. Geophysical investigation on various geological structures using Seismic and Electrical resistivity methods, by imploring state of heart geophysical equipment is also our area of Specialization.

Supply of Laboratory and Drilling Equipments with the Accessories


Over the years we have helped many Construction Company and agency in establishing and equipping of their laboratory with latest laboratory equipment. Also we supply various drilling equipment like rigs, core barrels, diamond bits, rods, rimming shell, etc.


Pavement Evaluation and Route Soil Survey

12. Pavement Evaluation

We conduct pavement condition survey to assess the serviceability index of existing road and airport pavement.

Route soil and construction material survey along alignment of new road for design of the pavement based on conventional design parameters and determine suitable borrow areas that will be used as base and Sub base as well as sources of other construction materials.

Ground Improvement and Grouting

3. Grouting

The firm has the capability of conducting grouting in ground engineering by the process of controlled injection of material, usually in a temporary fluid phase, into soil or rock, where it stiffens to improve the physical characteristics of the ground for geotechnical reasons. We provide the means to solve many ground engineering problems and ground improvement.

Pile Foundations

4. Piling

The company has the capacity to undertake the construction of;

Driven and cast-in-place piles – Formed by driving a tube with a closed end into the soil, and filling the tube with concrete.

Bored and cast-in-place piles-Piles formed by boring a hole into the soil and filling it with concrete

Micro piles – These are Bored piles of shallow depth.

Material and Quality Control Testing


We specialize in carrying out comprehensive strength test on materials and other quality control tests. Tests on concrete products, determination of mix design and strength test, tests on aggregates (i.e. abrasion, impact value, elongation, flakiness index, crushing value, etc), Asphalt, cement, bitumen, steel reinforcement (compressive and tensile strength tests on reinforcement). The quality control tests are conducted on various materials so as to ascertain that the requirements for such products are met in order to improve on the quality of client products.

Reclamation of Land

9. Land reclamation

We carry out soil studies with full and partial reclamation on erosion control sites, abandoned mine sites and risk prone areas.

Mineral Survey and Exploration

11. Mineral Exploratory Drilling

We undertake core exploratory drilling to help ascertain the Economic quantity and quality of the solid mineral deposit. Provision of technical assistance to intermediary financial institutions to assess risk in lending to mining and in expansion, improved environmental management in the mining sector.